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Goal for 2016/17
I am lucky/unlucky to be getting 4or5 hours sleep per night so I needed something to do. It's a very simple process and a easy basing method. I will tell when I see you next.
Look forward to it, always looking to improve my own efforts
Plus 195 confederates from the lead mountain, originally from newline design
Yay, Finished the 10 mounted Natal Carabineers and the Nuns (Yes, NUNS!!). Just need the dismounted versions (Carabineers not nuns) to arrive now. Has anyone else noticed how slow Redoubt are sending stuff out!
final figure of 700 figures for February (mostly from the lead mountain), 600 for January. So, production is increasing
I managed 204 figs for January which i am very happy with( 92 of them being 28mm . )
Glad to hear you have your painting MoJo back
Just finished some Union figures from the lead mountain so total has risen to 1488 since the AGM. And another parcel has arrived so no running out of figures.
220ish British (1939) from Pendraken for March. The month has been very slow for painting with several projects not getting to the finished stage. So thats 1700 10mm figures for the year so far
Those are some pretty impressive stats.

But we need photos if we are to believe them Wink

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