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Goal for 2016/17
Since getting out the paints this month I have realised my eye sight is getting worse ( just old age and 15 years of milling).

So I have decided to set myself 2 goals between now and the next AGM.

1. Paint more figures than I buy (reduce the mountain).
2. Paint 2000 x 10mm figures or more.

Prefer this scale as I can have large games whilst still being able to see some detail..

Running Total:

1060 Figures
63 Tanks/Guns

348 figures from Lead mountain
18 Tanks/Guns etc from lead Mountain


December; so far

408 figures & 31 Tanks/Guns painted (1939 Polish)
188 Figures (1939 Japanese)
18 Vehicles (1939 Russians)

203 figures from lead mountain
Kwantang Army on painting table next
January so Far;

172 Japanese 14 Vehicles
147 French
145 Russians (lead mountain)
Finally finished that 5th Zulu regiment...only been part painted for 3 months now. Smile

Now to start the mounted caribineers. Then the... then the... then the.... (in my dreams)
WOW. Well done Law and Mog.

This year my only plans involve finishing off my own 15mm ACW collection. Less than 300 figures to paint. Got so behind on my painting schedule that this will feel like a mountain to climb.
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
I'm facing something I haven't ever faced. I might run out of figures to paint.
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Luckily an order from pendraken has arrived

What can i say,

1) An amazing amount of figures painted to a very good standard
2) The sheer volume of figures and vehicles done
3) Beautifully based too

I am massively jealous

I tip my cap to you through slightly gritted teeth

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