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"Plashed Wood" defences in FoG:A/M?
Question on behalf of a friend (no, really, I do have some.....somewhere).

Mate has Celts and is about to fight Polybian Romans (does that mean they all have several wives?). He needs to know:-

1) Are they (plashed wood sections) portable? I'd think not but it makes a difference as units defending non-portable field fortifications don't need to pursue beaten enemies.
2) Do they need to be set up in woods or can they go anywhere within the deployment zone?
3) If they must go in woods, can they be set up within them ie so attacking enemies must cross Rough Terrain to come to grips with them?

Thanks for any help.
Hi Brendan,

With your heritage I would have thought you would know all about plashing.

Assuming you are looking at the Gallic list in "Rise of Rome" then plashing is "Field Fortifications" which are fixed, rather than "Portable Obstacles" which can be deployed later in the game.

Reading the actual Gallic list there is a qualification for plashed wood edge which is " can only be used in plantation or forest". Up to you where in said terrain so inside is fine.

Hope that helps
Thanks, Paul. One more question - you say "plashed wood edge" but then "can only be used in plantation or forest". Does it have to be used at the edge or can it be used inside?

I'll be at Warfare both days this weekend - will I see you there either day?
Hi Brendan,
my understanding is that historically at least the Gallic nations would use plashing at the edge of a wood etc rather than in the middle. This would enable them to disperse quickly through the back of the wood if it looked like the Romans were about to break through the plashing. Plashing could be used on more than one edge of the wood and could be defended from either side.
FOG A rules may interpret it differently though.
John is right about plashing in general and that the rules treat it differently.

Plashing as Field Fortifications can be used anywhere inside a plantation or forest which includes, but is not limited to, the edge. Rationale is that a piece of terrain does not necessarily represent one feature but possibly a number of plantations/forests in the area represented by the terrain piece.

Also, as FF they must have a clearly defined front and rear so you cannot defend them in either direction.

I hope to be at Warfare on Sunday, having missed it last year, so I may see you then.

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