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Help, the best Crimean figures in 15mm ?
Hi Lads
  I will be painting up a British Crimean army next year in 15mm but i dont know what manufacturer to go with

  The Infantry are at the advance pose with very long swords/bayonets and are hard to fit the buggers on the base one behind the other ! . and as for the flash on the figures you just have to look at some of the pics on there web page  i.e hussars and the lancers (why would you take a picture of a model with out cleaning the flash of them goes beyond me ! not  good !)

Eureka Miniatures,
   There infantry are bow legged i thing you could cut the base off and stick them straight on a horse they look that bad in my eyes .. my be they look better in hand ?

so lads if you have any pointers where i can have a  look see  that would be great  Smile
essex ,old glory or peter pig  dont do that range !  so i am at a loss ....

Happy gaming see next saturday dave..
Hi Dave,
seems like you have picked a bummer here. I did a bit of internet searching and the only two ranges I could find were Minifigs and Eureka. I'd try a different war.
If you want to go up a size, Tumbling Dice do a nice 20mm range; this includes "headless" figures (you buy the noggins separately) which means you can create British infantry in greatcoats (British heads, Russian bodies) - something nobody has made in any scale/size.
Hello Dave mate there is not much in the 15mm range of Crimean war figs
So like john said minifigs but the pictures on site make them rubbish with all that flashing around them and eureka but look more like 18mm figs.
But there are irregular miniatures range and Lancashire games range and found black hat miniatures but there Sikh wars figs hope this helps you sir.
Dave y
See you Saturday mate
Mr Y has a point. I didn't realise Irregular and Lancs Games did them. Just had a look and they look like some of their better figures. At their prices might be worth a look.
Thanks for the input lads ,am looking at lancs games But they just dont jump out on me ! so i feel i will have problems painting 200-300 figures of them !. Ah looks lie i have hit a brick wall not sure where to go from here 8s .

any way see you this saturday dave.v
There's also "Rank and File" miniatures, available from Old Glory 15mm/Nineteenth Century Miniatures in the US (they may still be available in the UK from Timecast). R&F has British, Russian, French, Turkish and Piedmont/Sardinian ranges - I think this is a photo of their Piedmontese:

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