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Star wars Armada
Has about body played it? Is it worth buying a fleet?

Just recently sold mine on eBay. It's a good game out of the box, better than the X-wing starter box in my opinion. But not so great that I wanted to keep it though. The price of building 2 fleets was a big factor in getting rid. As with these games it probably gets a lot better more ships.
Think I will give it a miss then, pity as I fancied seeing squadrons of fighters flying round the capital ship, just like in the films.

Took the plunge and bought a couple of starter boxes
Good man. Wouldn't like you not to get it on my account, space ships not my thing. Im a poor judge.
Can i have a play some time Law . i fancy duffing up them rebel scum .. 8)
First game under my belt - The force isn't strong with this one!

Imperial Destroyers are very nasty and rebel ships are made from cardboard

Hopefully more success on Saturday
Well if you will insist on sitting directly in front of me......
Good learning games today, nice to meet Steve H too.
Great to meet you guys too - although I have to say you guys are a bad influence, 2 gaming sessions and already I have an army for infinity and the armada box set (+ rogues and villans).

Look forward to some more pounding of the rebel scum next time.


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