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Bloodbowl - It's Back !!!
GW have seen the light and brought back an old classic


Maybe time to dig out those old teams again!!

[Image: 30571218081_74e9802ed8_c.jpg]bb-bg2-1 by phil_yates, on Flickr
A real old favourite
No old teams to break out, but plan to pick up a box when released.
That looks dashed unsporting to me and nobody is looking at the ball. Probably says it all!!
Illegal procedure is all you need to remember
" ball " is there a ball involved will be digging up my undead team the catacomb packers they have been dying for a game
Not again.........I have just packed all my teams back in the cupboard from the last time. Definately up for a game though!
Anyone interested in a PAINTED Skaven team?????
cheers Kev.
Haven't played bloodbowl in YEARS!!! many many of them. WIll have to have a look. Have they introduced any new race/teams?
Hello Kev I'm up for a skaven team and painted as well just say how much. I had all the teams but gave away yes ago
Cheers p.s. Good to see you and the lads today and the club busy
I be there on the 17th Nov
Dave y

Hello I meant to say 19th Nov ?
Dave y
Ok Dave, will bring them along , have a look at them see if you like them and we will sort out a price . Good to see you all today, take care.
Cheers Kev

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