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Southern League Tourney 25th Sept
We have all the kit we need for the tournament, mostly my terrain but otherwise the club's. We have the basic terrain cloths for all eight tables but one thing that would really improve the appearance of the games is those nice printed terrain cloths that some of us, including me, use.

So, has anyone else got a 6 x4 terrain cloth, suitable for 16th century Europe, they would be willing to loan us for the Sunday please?
Yes, I can supply one - "heathland" from TerrainMatz.
Only if it's a sea battle. Sorry
Well, my Early Henricians are prepared to get their feet wet......
Sorry but mine has an unfinished Death Star on it!
The Court of Star Chamber?
First round matches for those playing. Due to all the drop outs it is now very much Wessex versus the rest!

As you can see I am no longer free to point out where the toilets are, make tea, top up biscuits etc so if you finish your game early please fell free to help our guests.

Good luck everyone Smile

Brendan Morrissey (Wessex) Early Henrican English 1513 Vs Paddy Bray (Oxford) Scottish 1513
John Philp (Wessex) Maximillian Imperial 1501 Vs Tom Elsworth (Oxford) Italian Wars French 1500
Mark Littleton Grey (Wessex) German States post 1513 Vs Bob Medcraft (Oxford) Caroline Imperialist 1530
John Watson (Wessex) Milanese Vs Jerry Bray (Oxford) Italian wars Venetian
Dave Edwards (Wessex) Trastamara Spanish 1513 Vs Bruce Rolett Italian Wars French 1550
Paul Marsh (Wessex) Italian Wars French 1552 Vs Ray Boyles (October) Caroline Imperialist 1535
David Hewkin (Wessex) Milanese 1499 Vs Tom Elsworth (Oxford) Italian Wars French 1500
Brian Hooker (Wessex) Italian Wars French 1512 Vs Dene Green Scottish 1513
Sorry to hear about the drop outs considering the amount of work you had to do to organise the event for them.
Yes, very disappointing. Some were genuinely unavoidable but a lot were due to poor planning like "committing" to an event before checking your holiday dates.

Fortunately, everyone agreed to a price increase( to pretty much the average for these events) to cover the costs otherwise I may have been talking to you about a cancellation fee!
Luckily you didn't cancel as it would have still cost Wessex for the full cost as it was too late to accept any other bookings.

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