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Fog R Army Generator Bug
Greetings Folks
Have found a bug in the spreadsheet if you're using a pike and shot battlegroup. It adds one to the value of the shot points per base. If you remove the battlegroup number or the impact pike you can see this happen. A work around is to list the shot first, then either a blank row with just the battlegroup number or another troop type, then the pike unit. This gives the correct value. Might just be in time for those participating in the Italian wars tourney!


Dave. Confused. What spreadsheet are you referring to? I use Little Army Designer website, or are you referring to another sheet?

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
The spreadsheet is originally titled Renaissance Army GeneratorV3-41. You could always check the values against the rule book page 189 and see if it applies to your spreadsheet.
It's not a bug. Shot in a BG protected by pike cost a point more per base.
Well spotted that man, just testing. What goes well with Humble Pie?
I would suggest a few pints of Umbel Ale from the Nethergate brewery in Essex - a pleasant easy drinking bitter infused with coriander (Good Beer Guide 2016).
The breadth of expertise at the club, in so many different subjects, continues to amaze me!

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