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October long weekend boardgames
Assuming the long weekend of gaming goes ahead on October 22/23 Mike Greenslade and I are thinking of doing some multi player boardgames on the Sunday if anyone is interested. Most of these games need four players to get the best out of them and tend not to be historic hence the post here.

Games we might play include Wizards Quest, Descent, Dune, Cosmic Encounter, Pandemic, Lord of the Rings etc. A nice mixture of competitive and co-operative games. I would hope to get two or three games in over the day but that depends on how they go.

Anyone interested please let myself or Mike know.
Unfortunately, already spoken for during the October weekend but would be interested in something that was more fun than competitive at another time. Mike knows what floats my boat.

I now give games or players a wide bearth if they aren't relaxing!


Any players in Particular?

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