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A new Army
Yes, compliments of EBAY (well, sold by EBAY) I have bought an ECW 15mm Army. Also got some bid on assorted lose figures.

I'm relatively new to the period apart from the odd random games in my earlier gaming life (1970's, 80's and early90's).

From the description it sounds like they will need re-basing. Now I'm not sure on basing sizes, or even which rule-set I should be aiming towards. I may as well do the same rule-set the rest of the club uses.

Recommendations, or better still, an in-club expert (real or just self-proclaimed Smile, to give me a steer in what I rules should be basing on (the Army will end up Infantry heavy I think), or are they mainly the same? Also on Army list construction.

The Army hasn't arrived yet so no great urgency. I'm still using the limited time I have painting 28mm Zulus (100 out of 200 or so done now).

Big Grin
There are currently three sets of "Renaissance-era" rules being used at the Club these days. In age order (the rules, not the players!), they are:-

George Gush/WRG - Wargames Rules (1420-1700):
Still going strong, despite being of late 1970s vintage; least popular within WWS due to "book-keeping" and other issues, and basing is somewhat "roomier" than the other two (eg three 15mm musketeers are on a 45mm-wide base, instead of 40mm).

Field of Glory: Renaissance (1494-1697)
Popular, widely played, and both individuals and collective teams from WWS participate in regional and national competitions; not perfect, but not bad to play - as much because of the more mature attitude to competitions of both WWS players and those from other clubs. We are running a Southern League competition on Sunday 25th September (Italian Wars 1500-1550), with a load of "regulars" from the FoG:R circuit, which you are welcome to come and watch; I'll be the idiot with the Early Henry VIII army, but others have "gone sensible".

Basic Baroque/Basic Impetus (1550-1700)
A new(ish) variant of the Basic Impetus rule set, which uses similar base sizes to FoG:R; not played this one yet, but have a look at the threads posted by "Fat Wally" (Kevin Lowth).

Base sizes for FoG:R are:
- All Foot: 40mm wide by 20mm deep (15mm deep is accepted, with provisos, to allow old DBA figures to be used)
- All Mounted: 40mm by 30mm deep
- All Others: 40mm square (generals, dragoons, artillery other than Regtl Guns)
- Camp: 120mm by 80mm

Troop types/functions are usually defined by how many troops you have on the base (eg heavy foot/horse 4, medium foot/horse 3, light foot/horse horse 2).

I have Army Lists for Gush and FoG:R that you can borrow (lists for BB/BI are here: ) - an infantry-heavy ECW army would be more suitable for (but by no means exclusive to) the Parliament, or a "novelty" army like the Cornish Royalists from 1642-43, but have a look at the books/lists first.

Paul (Marsh) is the nearest we have to a "rules encyclopedia" for FoG:R (and also knows a bit of Gush, too); he and a few others (possibly not me, due to illness) are having a mix of practice games for the up-coming SL competition this Saturday (10th September) - not ECW, but if you want to pop down, chat, and have a look at the rules, you'll be welcome.

I hope that helps, at least initially.

Brendan Morrissey
Thanks for the advise Brendan. I'm intending to get to Colours this Saturday. Will be the first gaming convention I will have been to for over 15 years!!. Just have to keep a tight rein on the wallet.

I will try to pop in in the way back so should be around some time in the afternoon for a while.

I would recommend Bob Peckham too for reference to FOGR rules.

His understanding of the rules is fantastic and he makes it very clear when letting you know
I would agree with that. If I get stuck on FOG rules interp Bob is the man I go to.
Hi Derek,
I will be on Dave Lanchester Books at Colours so come and say hello. Also have lots of money to buy books!!!!!
Re base sizes If you decide to go for FOGR which I did and have plenty of figures for ECW then they adapt very easily for Baroque so you can use either rule set without having to rebase again. All you have to do, basically (sorry for the pun), is to count two FOGR bases as one Baroque base.
Baroque uses 120mm frontage so 3 FoG:R bases. i.e. Musket / pike / musket

So rebasing required to play the 2 rule sets


Quote:So rebasing required to play the 2 rule sets

Is there not a "no" missing here?
I agree, no rebasing necessary......
Just to clarify, Lawrence is right Baroque has a 120mm frontage and double the depth of FOGR so two bases of pike and four of shot in FOGR is one infantry unit in Baroque. Easy peasy.

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