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War of the Ring boardgame
The Regulars do have some Warhammer Space Marine thing going on! I think the figure designer was going for Human/Terminator. It does look kind of familiar from some film/nightmare I may have experienced!

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
Well, here we are at the end of all things, to misquote Frodo.

[Image: DSCN5176_zpsgrd5t0wf.jpg]

Fellowship all done and these characters have a dual purpose in the game. To either provide protection for the Ringbearers or Leadership for the Free Peoples. The best chance for the FP player is to dump the Ring in Orodruin but to buy time he needs to raise enough military strength to hold off the Shadow. So, the choice is for the characters to stay with the Ring or break off and mobilise and lead the West. Most games it is a combination of the two and one of the strategic choices for the FP player as to who goes and who stays. Strider and Gandalf are the best guides for the Fellowship but if they leave and get upgraded to Aragorn and Gandalf the White they provide extra Action Dice for the FP player.
Action Dice are the main driver of the game. Each player gets a set and rolling them each turn determines what you can and cannot do. As always the best laid plans can be scuppered by a set of bad dice at just the wrong moment.
The figures representing the Ringbearers have no leadership value and serve merely to mark the last known location of the fellowship. Various games have used hidden movement to try and portray this aspect of the book but at the end of the day the Sauron player knows they are heading for Mordor which lead to the infamous mass brawl on Mount Doom at the end of every game of the old SPI “classic” War of the Ring. What this game does is track how far the Fellowship moves each turn but you don’t have to reveal what route they are taking until they declare themselves(usually in a safe haven) or are found by the Servants of Sauron. Also, there is no value in leaving a mass of military units in Mordor waiting for them as they cannot search and are needed elsewhere to procure a military victory for the SP player.
Gollum is merely a marker to indicate when no one is left in the fellowship except the Ringbearers. Most of the other characters from the books, like Bombadil, Elrond, Galadriel, Treebeard, Ghan buri  ghan etc put in appearances through the event cards. The game is wholly Tolkien Tolkien rather than Jackson Tolkien.

[Image: DSCN5179_zpspbqn4ejj.jpg]

Only three SP characters, known as minions, all of which generate an extra Action Dice for the SP if they can be brought into play. Saruman and the Lord of the Nazgul feature in virtually all the games but the Mouth of Sauron only comes into play when either all the FP nations are at war(very rare) or once the Ringbearer gets to Mordor by which time there is very little he can do.

So, there we have it. All 205 figures done and dusted in just about four months.  Painting the pieces won’t make the game itself any better than it already is but aesthetically it will look a whole lot better than with a mass of red, blue and grey plastic. Mike and I will be playing a game at the November all day meeting so come along and see how the game works as we would both like to expand our possible opponents. And please feel free to encourage Mike to get on and paint his set too!!!!
Well done Paul.

Look forward to seeing them in the flesh.

What's next on the list?
Not much. Next big project will kick off in the New Year with Ottoman Turks.

Currently painting the five figures that go with the "Fury of Dracula" boardgame that might eventually put in an appearance on the Friday night sessions but after that some old 25mm Boxers for a friend of mine that have been gathering dust in a box for twenty years.
Just three days to do these for "Fury of Dracula". I first played this back in the 90's when it was a Games Workshop product. FFG brought this much improved edition out last year and I have been toying with buying it for some time. Bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago which was just as well as GW pulled the plug on their relationship with FFG so this game went OOP and the prices more than doubled in some outlets.

A game where the four hunters have to find Dracula as he uses hidden movement to dash around Europe sowing havoc and despair. Set a few years after the events in the novel with no explaination asvto how Dracula has risen once again but hey ho it's a game!

[Image: DSCN5195_zpsjb4dp3dw.jpg]

Left to right: Mina Harker, Dr John Seward, Professor Abraham Van Helsing, Arthur Holmwood and the Count.

A game for five players with lots of theme and atmosphere from the book.

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