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Windsor and Newton Series 7 Brushes
We spend a fortune on miniatures we then add to our unpainted lead pile. We go out of our way to buy paints we might use only a couple of times, and then they dry up. However, we try and get away with using the cheapest brushes available and expect them to do a good job and last ages.

These are the ones I use. If you're serious about painting in this hobby, you owe it to yourself.

Windsor and Newton series 7 'Miniature Brushes'. VERY expensive (now). They've actually gone up about 20% since I last bought them a year ago. Typically I buy three a year and they usually last about 18 months before they shed bristles. That said they still have a point. I've never had one 'hook' in almost 15 years of using them.

Read the reviews before you buy and see what pothers think. Worth every penny.

Size 1;

Size 2;

Size 3;​%28size+3%29

Master's Brush Soap. Essential for brush health. Again, don't take my word for it. Read the reviews;

Please make a sticky Phil.

Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Couldn't agree more. Quality brushes are a must. Although I am not in your league for quality of painting I usually buy either AS Handover or Rosemary brushes from the internet. I find them cheaper than art shop brushes. Only use pure sable as the synthetic ones bend over at the point.
You're right John. Rosemary are a very good compromise for price/quality.
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Great pieces of advice here. I think brushes are possibly the most underrated piece of equipment used in the hobby. On advice from a former member, I always try to seek out sable brushes. I do find the prices now are making me wince. The advice about on line purchasing is very handy. I went to the nearest art shop a couple of weeks ago. It is a very good independent retailer, yet it was hard to find good brushes small enough in size... and price! Big Grin
Agreed brushes are very important. I use sable watercolour brushes for most things but will resort to nylon brushes sometimes for washes, varnishes etc .
out of curiosity I checked the prices of the brushes I use and a couple of other household names.
Series 33 Pure Kolinsky Sable short hair size 00 (Winsor & Newton Series 7) Prices inc VAT

A S Handover £2.77
Rosemary £4.15
W & N £11.75

The above prices are from each company's website, although you can get W & N for 10% less on Amazon. I have used A S Handover for about 30 years now without any issues. The brushes last for decades if you don't abuse them. I have used Rosemary and W & N too and I can't find anything to choose between them apart from the price. So for me it is a no brainer. By the way I am not getting a back hander for this!

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