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Inking light colours
I'm currently painting up some stuff which I want to ink if I can. Problem is, the main colours on the model are a very light grey and white.

I tried a blue ink but I don't think I watered it down enough and the ink pooled very badly on the model. Luckily I noticed and managed to wash it off so I can start again.

I'm going to give Wally's Magic wash method a go but I don't think a dark ink colour is going to work too well.

Any ideas?
Having fun attaching a pic of the model I'll keep trying to add it
Yes, definitely beware with light colours Darren.

I highlight after the magic wash to rebrighten the bits that need it, but with the undertone showing. I actually like the effect painting an area white, washing them, then re-highlighting has. But that's me. If you're not planning to highlight (not all of us do) then be very careful.

Brown washes are a really bad idea with white as they make figures look dirty, not just shadowy.

Bear in mind I paint almost exclusively 15mm. What it's like on 28mm+ I have no first hand experience/idea. I use black magic wash because in my own preference for small scales contrast is what makes the figure come alive. Black in the creases of a figure help pick out detail better in 15mm.

Horses for courses though mate.


Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.

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