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FoG:AM v1 and v2 - differences?
A friend in Australia is considering up-grading and wants to know the principal differences between v1 and v2. His group all have v1, but want to know if v2 gives a sufficiently different/better game to make it worth investing. They don't play tournaments, so are not really interested in v3 (now being play-tested), which they also consider will make the rules rather bland.

No dissertations required, just the basic amendments. Thank you.
This has probably all the info you need and more:
Thanks, Phil. Unfortunately, it says the site can't be reached - do you have another link?

Internet earch on the above and the page appears
Still getting "page not found". Bit weird.
Undrilled troops are easier to move

Thats the best thing i found
I have fixed the original link. It should work now.

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