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Ottoman Turkish scrounge
Does anyone have any illustrated books( Ospreys etc) they can lend me concerning OT armies of the 16th-17th centuries. Will be my next project for 2017 and wanted to get a heads up of what I have let myself in for.

By the way, I have ordered the troops from the US and got Paypal into a right paddy as they put the order on hold whilst they reviewed it for security reasons. Apparently the words Turkish, musket, archer and Janissary set the alarm bells ringing!!
I have the Osprey MAA "Armies of the Ottoman Turks 1300-1774" - it's an early one (140), so it's very much "history + uniform plates" rather than an in-depth look at organisation and clothing, but the plates are good for painting purposes.

Incidentally, you might want to look at these:-

I've actually got a mate in the US who buys old Minifigs stuff from there for me; he's got a load to send me, so if you wanted to buy up the Turkish cavalry, I can get him to do it for you and then he can send them over with my bits and pieces and we can share P&P etc.

Thanks for the offer of the book Brendan. Just what is needed as a painting guide is exactly what is required as i have no previous experience of the exotic east. No rush as won't start painting for a few months yet but may need a long term loan if that's okay. I've speeded up but it will take the best part of a year to get them done.

Also appreciate the thought about the figures but that side of things already dealt with.

thanks very much

No worries - I picked it up for £3 at Partizan, as part of a batch of Renaissance titles. I've no immediate need for it, so you can have it next time we meet up (July?) and keep it as long as you want. The plates are by the late Angus McBride, so they're really good.

Who did you buy the figures from - was it Khurasan?
Khurasan would have been good(but expensive) but it appears their Ottoman range was another promised but never materialised.

Went with Old Glory as quite cheap and liked their figures when I did the Mycaeneans.

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