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Hi All
Thanks for welcoming me back into the fold of gaming last Saterday. Special thanks to Jon for getting me back into the swing with a ACW game and for David who was gentle with me (I don't expect that to last).

The Name is Derek, late 50's, slightly overweight and balding (seems to be the going look nowadays). I live in Eastleigh and have no kids living with me. Just the wife (when she is not with her horse) and the cats.

I have been gaming (one way or another) for not quite 50 years having started in the early 70's. (that's 1970's not 1870's). I seriously started playing, including competition gaming while in the Army during the 1980s. I ran a number of gaming clubs whilst moving around in the Army over 24 years and ended up being the Chief gamesmaster (chief umpire) for the British Forces Germany Wargaming society.

I have played most type, periods and scales of gaming preferring more obscure things such as Stingray (yes the Jerry Anderson puppet program for those that can remember back that far). Amongst favourite game I would have to list such relics such as Star Fleet Battles (Commanders edition), Battletech, Vampire the masquerade and any form of naval game.

I am a real swine when running games and, especially with things such as naval game, like written movement rules (sometimes 2 turns ahead). Its amazing how many people cant tell left from right when looking towards yourself.

I have been away from table top gaming for about 16 years now so very rusty and out of step with modern rules but give me time. Not sure what I am going to go back into yet but have a sneaky feeling it may be colonial. Red coats and pith helmets bashing the natives sounds fun.

Anyway, thanks for having me. I'm always game for a game and willing to try anything. Ping me and set up a game sometime.
Always happy to welcome a Battletech player


Law (Secretary)
(06-06-2016, 11:59 AM)Law Wrote:  Always happy to welcome a Battletech player


Law (Secretary)

Showing your age as well as mine now Tongue
Hi Derek,
it was a pleasure gaming with you on Saturday and thanks for your patience, give that I haven't played CWB for a couple of years and have probably forgotten more than I should. See you at the club again soon

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