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More sharp practice
[Image: 26418488824_4a6dc8b5e3_h.jpg]95th by karl william, on Flickr
[Image: 26594558026_e3dfbc6c45_h.jpg]52nd Oxford light infantry by karl william, on Flickr

More to come including the French.
Very nice indeed, seems I'm falling behind with my french. Have u given any thought to deployment points? Was thinking of basing them on CDs but wasn't sure if they would be to big.

I recon CD's would be a little large. There could be instances where they interfere with terrain and prevent you placing excaatly where you want it. Between two buildings for instance. Or become a terrain feature in its own right.

I'll probably just use 40-50mm discs with some barrels crates, broken cart or something.
Lovely looking figures Karl. Congratulations.

Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Awesome stuff. Looks like I have fallen behind a bit may be able to catch up a bit tomorrow..
Really, really nice. It appears we have quite a band of talented 25/28mm painters at the club.
These are so lovely, from base to shako!
Stunning figs mate you should have enough figs for a game against my yanks now ,

If not have just done another 24 figs this week so thats 3 Brit bn done and 12 skirmishers but it looks like you have covered the light stuff 8)

Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing them on the table..

see you saturday dave.v
Cheers guys.

Tfl are running a deployment point comp. £100 of goodies available.
Worth a punt those doing armies.
I've got a french engineer carrying a barrel and was gonna put him and few more barrels on a 40mm base. My painting won't be worth entering any comp, but interesting to see what others come up with. Only 6 more models to paint. 7 including the engineer

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