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Law's Painting Table
Its been a few (strike that and insert 'many') years coming but I'm experiencing the feeling that I actually want to paint figures.

Although nothing got painted in January, February saw 70 x 10mm WW2 Italians that had been hanging round get painted. March has now seen the painting of 167 x 10mm WW2 Russian Infantry for use in my 1941 Russian Army (much more to be painted). I hope to put up some photos of these and coming projects when I figure out how.

Have a good Easter

Look forward to seeing what u have been up to. When u work out how to post pics let me know Smile I would like to share some of my "painting" being new to hobby it would be good for advice, and a laugh. Smile
Great to hear you have found your painting mojo.

Looking forward to seeing your work.

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