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Law's Painting Table
Its been a few (strike that and insert 'many') years coming but I'm experiencing the feeling that I actually want to paint figures.

Although nothing got painted in January, February saw 70 x 10mm WW2 Italians that had been hanging round get painted. March has now seen the painting of 167 x 10mm WW2 Russian Infantry for use in my 1941 Russian Army (much more to be painted). I hope to put up some photos of these and coming projects when I figure out how.

Have a good Easter

Look forward to seeing what u have been up to. When u work out how to post pics let me know Smile I would like to share some of my "painting" being new to hobby it would be good for advice, and a laugh. Smile
Great to hear you have found your painting mojo.

Looking forward to seeing your work.
2019 has started with flurry of painting 10mm figures (1166 figures). Finished painting my 1870 French and started painting more WW2, mostly for Operation Torch game we will be playing at the May weekend. Up next are US Marines, SCW & 1870 Prussians/Bavarians. May even paint some 15mm for SYW and a succesor army (for spear and sword)
Just realising that its ok to produce a glut of painted figures, but they all have to be based before being used.
WW2 French and American 10mm infantry used in Operation Torch game at the weekend. Some 10mm US Marine on the table next
Just finished 10mm Numidian army for Sword and Spear. US Marines have taken a back seat. Painting my 1870 Prussians next.
1970............1870 surely.
Prussian Infantry finished, on to some Bavarians
Bavarians Finished and goal for the year (2000 figures) has been reached. Time to get out a new brush as I still have so 1870, SCW and Modern 10mm to paint before the end of 2019. 2020 looks quite as i've painted 5000 figures in the last 3 years so I've populated most of my must have armies. Pendraken has just released Indian mutiny and Plastic Soldier Company will be releasing some Cold War figures, so I will be tackling both of these during 2020

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