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Hello I'm a new member

I'm David and been down last 2 sessions playing FoGR with Brendan, Paul and Trev (I think).  Last Saturday brought my mate Adrian down to play FoGR with Brendan.  Great game and many thanks to Brendan for arranging it.

Should be able to play fairly regularly once or twice a month depending on other commitments.  Main gaming rules/periods are:
FoGR 15mm (ECW/30YW & 80YW) but also War of Spanish Succession and earlier 16th Century. For which I have Spanish covering most of the period, Dutch 80YW & 30YW, ECW 1643 Royalist Cornish 'Volunteer' Army!
Wings of War/Glory WW1 British & Germans
PBI 15mm (the version with the dead Pz III on the cover, though willing to try the new version) have all war Soviets, Germans & Romanians, LW British, British Commandos, and KNIL.
Dux Bellorum in 15mm
Other less frequented periods/armies I can field are
FoGA 15mm I have Dacians and can probably muster around 600 points of Andalusians, Etruscans or Assyrians
GQ3 WW2 1/3000th
SAGA 28mm Welsh and Anglo-Danes
Square Bashing RCW in 15mm. Original preferred (Denikin Whites and Archangel Interventionists)
10mm Blitzkrieg Commander.  Soviets that need sorting out.

Next time I should be able to come is Saturday 27th Feb so please let me know if you fancy a game.


Good to see you've made it, David.
Hi David,
really interested that you have PBI. I am a committed (some say I should be!) fan of most things Peter Pig and have plenty of PBI (mid to late Germans, Africa Korps, Japanese, Desert Rats, mid to late war British, Screaming' Eagles). I also have Washington's Army (both sides), Civil War Battles (both sides), Bloody Barons, Hammerin' Iron.
I have the rules for Square Bashing, new ones, but haven't got around to painting up any figures (I have late war Brits).
I am at the club most meetings (but won't be there at the end of Feb).
Give me a shout if you want a game.
I am the long hair beardy!
Welcome aboard.
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Hi John,

That's brilliant, a PBI player. We seem to be few and far between. We have contemporary and compatible armies so let's tray and arrange a game for the next time we can both get there.


Quote:I am the long hair beardy!

Every club should have one Smile

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