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Hello from Wales
I met up with Kev Smith at Crusade on Saturday and he gave me the web address for your club, so hello from Penarth & District Wargamers.


Hello Ty,
Good to see you all on Saturday, a pleasure to catch up with old times. Welcome to the club site, We will have to get you down from Wales for a visit.

cheers Kev
Definitely up for a visit this year now I have 4 wheels, sometime in the Spring would be good, will co-ordinate with Glyn and the others.

Enjoy the weekend, especially Sunday

Do any of you guys play FoG Renaissance? If so, we've got a round of the Southern League scheduled for September 25th (Sunday) and a team* from across the Severn would be most welcome. 800 points, Italian Wars (1500-1550), three games guaranteed; European armies preferred (Trade & Treachery, Clash of Empires), but not essential.

(* To avoid confusion, it is actually a "singles" event.)

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