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Hello World
Hi All,

I came down to the club witha friend on saterday, and the 2 of us ganged up on Brendan (Cornish ECW vs New Model - FoGR).

I am hoping to be able to come along more often, real life permitting.

As an intro, I have been wargaming since the early 70's, and over the years have had a bash at a wide variety of periods.

Currently I have armies for FoG A (15mm Carthaginian, Numidian, Mid Imperial Roman, Gauls, Palmyran - all collected for DBM but I much prefer FoG - still painting the extras to form units, but can manage 800 points (not the Numidians - only play then at 600) and 28mm Lancastrian, FogR (15mm Maximilian, Ottoman, Imperial 30YW/Royalist plus 28mm Imperial 30YW), and Fire and Sword (Ottoman and painting HRE). I also have a Saga Viking and Norman force.

Lastly I have a number of planes for WWI Wings of Glory, and some Star Wars X-Wing ships (not played yet, but have the new core set, plus some extra Imperial ships in the post). I am really keen to see/play the X-Wing game as I have yet to use the ships, and hope to have sufficient to field 100points plus within the next couple of weeks (First Order/Imperial of course - who wants to be a namby pamby goody two-shoes!)

I am happy to play any of that lot singles or doubles, or join in any other games.


Hello Adrian, thanks for the intro. Very pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the club . Hope to see you at the club next meeting.

Hi Adrian,

Welcome to Wessex. There are quite a few X Wing players (myself included) at the club and my son was partaking of Wings of Glory yesterday. I was on the next table to you getting trying to grips with a very static FoGR Spanish Army.

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
Just like to point out that not everyone at WWS throws dice as badly as I do (actually, I'm pretty confident nobody else does), so your next games won't be quite so gentle, but welcome to WWS with many happy Saturdays ahead.
Quote:very static FoGR Spanish Army.

Well, the infantry was static but I thought the Spanish cavalry did quite a bit of running round. Admittedly though they also pretty much avoided contact.

We will try again on an all dayer when we should all be a bit more familiar with the game.
Hi Brendan,

We have all had days like that - in fact on Saterday I was trying my best to follow wuit. Fortunately for me Dave was doing much better than either of us!


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