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X-Wing Repaints
De-cloaking TIE Phantom.

Really happy how this turned out but trust me the photos don't do it justice.  The second Phantom I've got will be painted up as Cloaking...

[Image: IMG_1408_zpsphcyful0.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1409_zpsqjah5kmz.jpg]

Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
More repaints and stuff for X-Wing

[Image: IMG_1415_zpsiqzismbi.jpg]

Bandai Base Jumper 1/144th scale, converted and painted up for X-Wing as an Imperial Tibana Gas Transporter.

This is supposed to be some sort of transport for a big Robot thing.  A guy on one of the X-Wing forums put me onto it after I saw how he converted it and decided I'd do the same.  Essentially the tanks were moved to the top of the ship and a few pipes and stuff scratchbuilt and added.  I bought a Huge Ship base off Ebay, made a base card et voila.

The sides in particular are very reminiscent of TIE manufacturing.

[Image: IMG_1417_zpsb0mwvwi0.jpg]

I added a nose turret laser cannon in the form of an old naval ship gun turret.  You can see some of the piping and bits I've added.

[Image: IMG_1414_zpsf02ivxf9.jpg]

Bought a Micro Machines Babylon 5 crew shuttle to use as a shuttle for X-Wing.  

[Image: IMG_1418_zpsgrhixsyr.jpg]

Looking at the design of it it is reminiscent of the GR-75 Rebel Transport.....but a whole lot smaller obviously.

[Image: IMG_1423_zps0lnzz0qz.jpg]

I bought another three Micro Machines Babylon 5/Star Trek shuttles dirt cheap on ebay to use as Escape Pods and Shuttles for X-Wing.  Total repaint.  I also picked up a Babylon 5 Space Station which can be used as a Satellite for X-Wing.

[Image: IMG_1424_zpstwsmdb96.jpg]

Kihraxz Starfighters Repainted as Black Sun Ace (PS5) and Talonbane Cobra (PS9)

[Image: IMG_1427_zpscwnspt5f.jpg]

StarViper with red cockpit glass...

[Image: IMG_1430_zpsisv3k3yg.jpg]

...and wings cut, and restuck, to depict it in flying aspect....

[Image: IMG_1429_zpsgiqwlckv.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1428_zpsi6h7tfix.jpg]

Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Cloaking Phantom.....

[Image: IMG_1437_zpswgwpldai.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1438_zpsw6zylxo5.jpg]

Micro Machines Fleet Action Consular-class Cruiser, Radiant VII.  To be used as the Senator's Shuttle from the first boxed set....

A fiver!  FIVER on Ebay.

[Image: IMG_1433_zpsxw4larm9.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1432_zps2wdnmhvc.jpg]

I ink washed it, weathered it, highlighted it, made a base card, and stand.....

[Image: IMG_1435_zpsgcc5ctcb.jpg]

More soon.....
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
More new stuff

Asteroids from Spartan Games.  Come unpainted but a couple of quick highlights and table ready.  One has a small base on it which is actually a nice touch.

[Image: IMG_1439_zpswrukogmt.jpg]

Combat Zone Scenery Container set for X-Wing.  Mission 4: Den of Thieves requires three but you get six in a set.  Ideal for large table games.  Unpainted, in plaster of Paris/resin mix complete with stands.

[Image: IMG_1440_zpsk83annci.jpg]

Rusted StarViper.  Put in an offer on Ebay and had it accepted.  A touch repaint here and there....

[Image: IMG_1442_zpsvn2sf7fu.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1443_zpsp5fqxwxh.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1445_zpseatzbbv3.jpg]

...and finally (drum roll) Scum and Villany Faction Gozanti-Class Cruiser.  

[Image: IMG_1447_zpssjyrgnqc.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1448_zpsag7joq7f.jpg]

I going to field this without the docking clamps, and without Dual Laser Turret as its Hardpoint Upgrade, but add Ordinance Tubes Upgrade instead.  This then allows a Torpedoes or Missiles upgrade with the proviso that they are NEVER DISCARDED after use....Missile Ship par excellence.  VERY nasty.  I'll modify its movement somewhat as Gozantis had better engines in Imperial usage and make 4 straight and 3 straight moves impossible for this Scum & Villany version.  The paint scheme is a nod to some of the other Scum ships which seem to have browns and reds prevalent on them....

[Image: IMG_1449_zpsan0ip2c3.jpg]

More soon...

Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Another repaint.  Emon Azzameen's Firespray-31 'Andrasta'

[Image: IMG_1453_zps4rlzly9p.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1452_zps7fww02nq.jpg]

Complete with naked Twi'lek dancer motif.

[Image: IMG_1451_zps7hrxzsfd.jpg]


Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Repainted and touched up my five StarVipers for X-Wing.

[Image: IMG_1456_zpsmmfu8swf.jpg]

Added a bit of baby doll pink to that flown by Prince Xisor's female bodyguard Guri.  Prince Xisor's get very solid black fins as his craft, being the boss of the syndicate is well maintained.  Clearly this isn't the case of the rusty of ship flown by the old Black Sun Enforcer at the back.

[Image: IMG_1458_zpsfwxvshdh.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1455_zpsuyrzavhn.jpg]

Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
More new X-Wing repaints....

Poe Dameron's T-70 from 'Force Awakens'.  I re-painted this as one of Jack's recent 8th birthday prezzies.

[Image: IMG_1517_zps70ro3b0b.jpg]

Two 'Hired Gun' Y-Wings...

[Image: IMG_1570_zpscvdf0d6d.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1571_zpsnywdioas.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1572_zpssyraxelc.jpg]

Recently released G1-A Starfighter, repainted as decloaking.......

[Image: IMG_1607_zps0md87wlh.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1608_zps7wmburvo.jpg]


Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.

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