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Slitherine clearance
Just in case anyone has been toying with the idea of getting into FOGAM or FOGR Slitherine are having a clearance of FOG rules and army lists. Hardback rules £7.99 and army lists £3.99 which is a bargain and a chance to get any lists you may not have for a good price.
£8 for the rules is a steal

Makes me wonder if they are suddenly to announce version 3 is on it's way
I was wondering that, too, as the notice actually says that these are the last knockings on all of these books - once they're gone, they're gone.

Still good value, though!
My suspicion is once they are gone, that's it. Slitherine is at heart a PC games company and I think that is where they want to focus.
FOGAM has declined in popularity partly due to the initial electronics version only cock up of the V2 release which was a shame as it is a much better game.
FOGR does not need a V2 which is just as well as Slitherine have no appetite for one; there are issues, principally around artillery and some points values, but some of those are dealt with at the tournament level by "house rules" which can also be applied to friendlies.

My gut feeling is this is the end of the line for FOG availability in the printed format but I suspect the forums and support will keep going.
Osprey have had then at £8 for a couple of months. But £4 was even better so I have bought a few for periods I may get into.


I have just bought the FOG2 rule book as well. Bargain price as I will play the rules occasionally going forward.

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