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Will be a few of us playing frostgrave on the 2nd. Bring your minis, I have some spares if needed. Hopefully have a couple of tables, and chance to play a few different opponents.

Sadly i won't have any minis sorted by thenSad what with it being Xmas. Would still love to come down still I maybe able to blag a game. I got starwars armada for Xmas !!!! Any one played this??
Merry xmas

I don't have a copy. One of the many games on my maybe one day list.

I have enough minis for 2 or more warbands. Do you have a copy of the rules? If so make a list in advance and I'll have minis you can use. If not i can put a list together in advance you can use.
Merry Xmas

Thanks That's very kind of you. I do have a rule set, I will build a warband and pm u with the results. Seems I have plenty of ships for 2 fleets so that's some thing we can try at some point
Excellent. Send when ready

Sorry to somewhat jump into this thread, but was hoping I could possibly get in on this Frostgrave game as well. It will be my first visit to the club on Saturday and I would have posted sooner but have been having problems posting anything on the forum. I have a 6 man starting warband. If you guys don't have the room though no worries.
Welcome, please come on down. I'm not sure of the numbers playing but if it's an odd number I've played 3 man games and they work well. If you have terrain that would be useful. Not to worry if not. Club has plenty but not in a fantasy theme.

Thank you. Look forward to meeting people on Saturday.
(01-01-2016, 02:09 PM)PSI-MdAN Wrote:  Thank you. Look forward to meeting guys using the Bathmate Goliath on Saturday.

Hi Alex.
Hi Coury

What games do you play?

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