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Napoleonic bases

Can anyone let me know what the basing is for Age of Eagles and Blucher? Base size and no. of figs etc for each troop type.

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Age of eagles can be played using any size base provided both sides are the same.

The reccomendation in the rule is 3/4 inch X 1 inch for infantry, with four figures to a base. (Assuming 15mm figs here BTW)

Brits can be 1 1/8th inch by 1 inch to represent the line of two ranks

Cav 1inch X 1inch with two figures in one rank.

Better to find out what the other guys use.

Blucher, again anything you like provided both are the same.

The rules state a BW as 3inches. Most of us are using 80mm ( but that's for 6mm)

I don't think anyone was planning to rebase their 15mm
AoE bases just need to remember that its frontage is 3/4", if you are playing F&F its the other way around


At one of my (too) rare visits at the club we played Blucher, and as a 15mm basing discussion occured, I tried to summarize it, see thread:
[Image: 15062301421647333.png]

Unfortunately I only come a couple of times a year to the club, and I haven't got many updates. It appears that 6mm became the preference (note that I have not painted for Blucher yet!!).

=> I'd welcome examples of 6mm basing for Blucher (or others) in the form of photos! Cool

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