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X-Wing For Beginners
Hi all,

So it's like this....

My seven year old son is asking Santa for the X-Wing starter pack. He plays Basic Impetus and Baroque, Gladiator Games, WW1 air games (TFL's Algy) so he's ahead of his years gaming wise lets say. We've looked at the online run through and it looks a piece of piss to learn the basics. All good there.

I know naff all about Sci Fi gaming *(purely historical until now) or X-Wing (looks fun) but he IS gonna get it from the white bearded fella.

I'm thinking the basic set has an X-Wing and two TIE fighters. He wants the Millenium Falcon too. OK no probs. He's been a good boy. I've bought a book with all the Star Wars vehicles in it for him for Xmas already and been looking through for a bit of background knowledge to equip myself for 'those' inevitable questions, but I need a gamers perspective on things.

There are going to be four of us at least, possibly six, playing at one time. We need more ships.

I'm thinking two more X-Wing fighters for the Rebel scum and an Advanced TIE fighter and TIE Defender for the 'bad' guys.

How does that sound?

He's hell bent on loads more stuff but I reckon the basics are important first and he actually does want a 'unit' (Flight?) of fighters for each side as a start point he says rather than all different ships.

All informed opinions welcomed as I'm way out of my depth with this genre and game.

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Hi Kev,

It is an excellent game; easy to play and then add levels of complication.

I would get a second core set.  The advantage is that that it is very good value for money.  All small ships are about £10-£12.  The core set gives you three for c.£27 and you get extra dice (you will need them and they are c.£5-£8 a set) and spare markers/movement sticks (you'll need these for 3+ games).  Also when playing squad games (with equal points value) you will find that the rebel ships are more points cost than TIEs which are CHEAP!

However, the (white) bearded one doesn't count play value and expectation in squad points.  All seven year old want to pilot the Falcon so that is a must for sheer 'awesomeness'.

Two core sets, the Falcon and the Advanced TIE (Darth Vader) gives you 4 TIES, 1 Adv TIE, 2 X-Wing and the Falcon itself.  8 ships in all and about as many re runs of the attack on the Death Star on Christmas afternoon/evening/ Boxing day etc. etc. as your wife will tolerate.  Depending where you buy, that should come in at less than the your initial thoughts so you could add a single X Wing for a few quid more than your budget. ...  Of course as a Dad (who hasn't grown up) I realise that any loving mother will point out that her boy might be disappointed opening a second core set.  This is easily avoided by the loving mother buying the core set as a present for Dad and the now spare cash from son's budget being used to purchase MORE SHIPS!

On that thought, notwithstanding eBay..., Magister Millitum is as good as any retailer for price.  AC Models do 5% discount for Wessex members (card needed) and I recall Kelvin telling me he has a chum who can source stuff too.  Forbidden Planet stock X Wing but is is top price.

I'm busy with ACW on Saturday, but I'm sure Alaric will be happy to oblige you with a game.  Alternatively, if you would like to pop round I can take you through the game and you can get a better look at my collection.  Up until the 'Scum and Villany' and latest Imperial releases, I think I've might have all the ships!

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!

I can second Mark's recommendation for getting two starter set as they are great value.

Sure it's an easy game to learn but all the variation and nuance means it has a good level depth and replay ability.

Come to the dark side Wink
Hi all

Best buy we found was 2 starter sets and then slowly add to it. Just buy one per side if you go to a show.


Thanks for all the wisdom chaps.

Things have moved on a pace, lets say.

I bought the first starter set (For use now, we just can't wait) and GF9 Asteroids today along with the plastic sleeves for all the cards. I have a friend in the trade who does me 20-25% off if its for me, and I don't tell anyone else whom it is. Shy

I also managed to pick up an Ebay lot of 3 x X-Wing, 3 x Y-Wing and 1 x A-Wing in pristine condition (having never been played with) with unopened cards for just over a fiver per ship. BARGAIN. Big Grin

Also won a cheap lot for TIE fighters etc for the 'Good' Guys. Tongue

I plan to buy another starter set, possibly the new one for Jack's crimbo.

Might not be at the club for a few weeks now as it all falls wrong for us but we'll see you soon


Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Hi chaps,

Well Jack and I played our first game of Star Wars X-Wing today. 3 x TIE fighters Vs 2 x X-Wings.

OMG. What a well designed game with oodles of fun. Jack absolutely loved it, and so did I. Total convert.

Went on Ebay and bought mint condition job lot, with all the cards and bits;

Slave I
Millennium falcon
VT-49 Decimator
Lambda Class shuttle
2 x Imperial Ace TIE Interceptors
2 x TIE fighters
TIE Defender

Over £170 worth of ships for less than £90. Bargain.


Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Glad you both enjoyed it.

I think you'll like it even more when you progress from the standard ship.

Welcome to the dark side.
Talk about jumping in the deep end... early! What happened to Christmas?
Glad you enjoyed it. May the 4th be with you.

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
Let's just say Xmas arrived early. Big Grin

Paul Burton will tell ya, when I jump in I don't mess about.

Buying a second first edition box set for Xmas or possibly a second addition. I've already picked up GF9 Asteroids for Santa. Jack currently saving for Tantive IV. Big Grin
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
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i was dissapointed with the battlefront beta tbh

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