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Hi All

I am planning to go to Colours on the 12th.
Anyone else planning on making the trip?

If so, lets look at organising to reduce the numbers of cars used

Open to offers
I am hoping to go to Colours on the 12th. I have asked Graham H if he will also be attending; he has told me that he doesn't know as yet.
Hi Mark

Graham will not be going to Colours so willing to share petrol expenses if you still want to go. Will be out this evening but my mobile is : 07946 184686.
I've also left a message on your answerphone re above. If I don't see you on Saturday, see you on Sunday.

Mark B
Hi all,
sorry to join in this one a bit late but I have only just received my orders. I will be driving up to Colours on Saturday but need to be there for 0900 as I am helping Dave Lanchester. Also I will have to leave around 1400. If that helps anyone let me know.
If not looking forward to a good FOGing on Sunday.
David Hewkin and I will be attending; unfotunately, we're at the wrong end of the A3 to be of any use for lifts etc.

On a related note, however, does any know how close is the railway station to the racecourse and is it easy to get to/from?
I think its about 20 yards from the race course .. see you all Saturday .. can now come 8) ..lunch on the stand say 13:00hrs 8)
Newbury Station is about 1/2 mile from the racecourse as the crow flies, but I've never walked it. Newbury Racecourse Station serves the racecourse (surprise). Venue is about 200 yards from that station. Google the race course and then Map and then switch to satellite view.

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
I think the racecourse station is only open on race days.
That's what I thought, but I checked Nat. Rail enquires website and it shows trains hourly for tomorrow.

Dib Dib Dob Fish Tricycle!
Thanks guys - someone else has just told me it's open on race days, too.

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