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Sunday 13th September
Hi All

I am back from cricket and am looking for a game on the above date

900 point FOG game would suit me

Any takers?

Looking forward to seeing lots of friendly faces again
hi mark i seem to remember you asking for a game on the 13th a long time back(a sunday by the way) still up for it i fancy carthaginians but open to suggestions
Hi Bob

Sorry i did

Must have had a ball hit my head and made me forget, ouch

Ok i will get 900 points of Seleucids ready in that case

Shall we see if we can find 2 others and make it a doubles game?

Mark B is always looking for games
fine by me mark will that be immortal fire or rise of rome seleucids.
rise of rome

Can you see if Bob Douglas and Mark B want to join us on the 13th when u play this week please

Would be nice to get those 2 guys involved as always good friendly games when they play
If you are unable to get Bob and/or Mark I would be free and happy to handicap one of you.
Hi John

You are welcome to join in

Can u liase with Bob P today and find out if either Mark or Bob D want to join in on the 13th and let me know
hi john and mark want to play on the 13th mark wants to be a carthaginian so its you and john vs me and mark
Hi Bob

Thanks for organising in my absence

See you on 13th

Thank you most kindly for your invitation. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 13th. Hopefully will also be able to attend Colours on Saturday 12th.

Mark B

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