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NEW 'Die Kriegskunst' Organisation Lists
I've spent the last week re-working the organisation table of the rules into a proper document.  Essentially loads of it was wildly inaccurate or guestimates at best.  One of the problems was that the Grenadier Companies were include in unit total in the rules, plus the Cavalry organisation as massively over strength.  As a result many units are smaller but much more realistic to the 40:1 figure ratio.

I've used the Kronsokaf site plus several books to produce hopefully a more accurate organisation for us, should you wish to follow it that is.  Obviously it up to you.

Based largely upon the WRG lists, who's format and text it unapologetically copies, it uses more realistic totals than the paper strength given in many books etc.

However doubtless there are a few teething problems.

Anyhow, its attached and I hope useful to those getting into SYW or wanting to re-organise their collections.


.docx   Kev's SYW Army Lists.docx (Size: 51.11 KB / Downloads: 18)
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