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Phil's Painting Table
Just an update of what I have painted recently:

[Image: 17018901575_41791881f9.jpg]Update by phil_yates, on Flickr

Cowboys for Dead Man's Hand

[Image: 17017459022_9c8d8eb436.jpg]Update by phil_yates, on Flickr

Gauls or Germans or any unruly rabble for FOG/DBA

[Image: 16831140248_068441067d.jpg]Update by phil_yates, on Flickr

Leper King to lead my Crusaders in Saga - Crescent and the Cross (figure courtesy of Mark R)
brilliant stuff
Smart Phil, really Smart!
Cheers Kev
Very Nice, top painting mate keep up the good work
1:300 Scale USN aircraft for an up coming "Bag the Nip" game.

[Image: 16836527767_4a004c9e6d.jpg]DSC_0663 by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16836527517_34c06d774b.jpg]DSC_0666 by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16856398620_27d2c8921c.jpg]DSC_0665 by phil_yates, on Flickr
My next unit of Gauls.

[Image: 16902272917_0b333b7742.jpg]15mm Gauls by phil_yates, on 

[Image: 17108135742_3e5936fe4b.jpg]15mm Gauls by phil_yates, on Flickr
Lovely work Phil
Figure painter, house husband, living the dream.
Painted up some more 15mm Gauls. I have had to revert to my normal method for 15mm, as whilst I liked the look of the other method, it was just taking way too long to get a unit done.

Anyway here they are:

[Image: 18573034825_7d4c2a820a_z.jpg]15mm Gauls. by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 18385340960_70bfd87ee2_z.jpg]15mm Gauls by phil_yates, on Flickr
Nice stuff, Phil - both styles look very good.
Just curious, are using a light box for your photography or just a back drop ?

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