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Waterloo 200 project - By Laurent
and an overview of the completed brigade:

[Image: br02.JPG]

do you know if any 28mm Waterloo refight is planned at the club this June? I am so busy with babies that I most likely wouldn't be able to attend Sad but who knows!
Further work on my Division...

the 12th Cuirassier done:
[Image: sDSCF5081.JPG]

the 7th underway:
[Image: sDSCF5127.JPG]

it is painfully slow (I am just over a year into this project)... but I'm getting there...
The figures are putting my 10mm Napoleonics to shame. Keep it up.


Hi all,

sorry for the long silence, I only managed to recover my forum password - not via the website (recovery does not work?), but by looking in my saved passwords on Firefox Smile Anyway.

In late 2015 I finished painting my cuirassiers division.
[Image: sDSCF5550.JPG]
it is yet to be properly based (my next task!)

I could not resist painting marshal Ney to lead the charge!
[Image: sDSCF5545.JPG]

I have just completed a horse artillery battery to match the 1815 13th Division orbat.
[Image: sDSCF5959.JPG]

more pictures on the blog:

as you can see, slow but steady progress. I've also ordered minis to make a second infantry brigade.

Unfortunately I have not managed to go to the club in months. On top of the two little girls robbing me of most of my free time, my wife is back to work... on Saturdays  Angry At this rate, next time I make it to the club, I may have a full army ready!!

Stunning work as always.

You have more than enough for Sharp practice Smile

Sharp practice requires individually bases minis, doesn't it?
Ideally yes but the rule specify you just need a method to track casualties. If it means we can get those figures on the table am sure we can find a way.
Lovely eye candy
Awesome work.
And to wrap up this topic, here's the based Division!

[Image: sDSCF6116.JPG]

As usual more photos on my blog.

You guys have no idea how much I'd like to find the time to bring them to a gaming table! Rolleyes

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