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I finally got around to getting your mat sorted.

Here it is

[Image: 16664935135_3b937001f4.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr

you'll notice I switched to white hexs as they show up better. If you prefer the black ones you are welcome to take that one.

Could only get one made up for you this run as I was getting two more made and I was limited by file space.

Not your cup of tea but here one of the ones I designed and got printed.

[Image: 16045005233_1994a380a0.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16478791909_6fa25bc73a.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16457631397_4ae3b31232.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr
They look great Phil
What are they made from?

I've been tempted by one of these from North star but quite pricey at £60. If you can do something simalar for cheaper I would be interested. Something generic but a bit more interesting than billiard cloth ?

They are made from micro fleece, the same as the one you posted.

I can get them made for half that price.

Give me an idea of what you are after and I'll send some design options.

Here is the other one I got made:

[Image: 16484423509_93807d46fb.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16670575475_01a934ebb7.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16484423179_247d83d0b1.jpg]Battlemats by phil_yates, on Flickr
Here are full view shots of the mats:

[Image: 16048348274_ecb7843a11.jpg]wasteland one webimage copy by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16670665615_8a302bd41f.jpg]infinity final web by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16669668482_faeb2b0027.jpg]lrg-wake-Island-white-hex by phil_yates, on Flickr
some plain ones you may be interested in:

[Image: 16670665185_d1c3e69a1c.jpg]grass-webpic by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16670777665_f73740520b.jpg]costal-webpic by phil_yates, on Flickr

[Image: 16644834136_9a74032372.jpg]grass-b-webpic by phil_yates, on Flickr
Awesome stuff!

Half price now I want two instead of saving money !

Liking the bottom design. Just grassy plain to start with.

Is there a size limit I'd like a 5x8 feet ?
Hi Phil

Grass-b appeals to me

what sizes do they come in and and at what costs if not 6ft x 4ft

many thanks
Awesome Phil, let me know when you are around next and I will pick it up from you.i have a feeling for "Bag the Hun " or should that be "Bag the Nip" coming on.......... What do I owe you mate?cheers Kev

the widest they can print is 59 inches, so maintaining the aspect ratio that would come out as 59in x 86in. If you really wanted I might be able to knock one up just shy of 5' x 8'. A 5' x 8' is going to cost about £46 plus postage but I'd have to get a quote.


I can make them any size you want subject to the 59' max width.


£32 - £30 for the mat and £2 for your share of the postage.

Karl & Mark,

I have a grass B and it came out darker than I thought , I'll stick a picture up in a bit so you can see what I mean.


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