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Edgehill - postponed
Hi guys,
due to an unexpected turn of events I am not available now on 14th February to fight Edgehill. Can we make it 14th March or failing that date 11th April? I will be at the club on 31st January so I can chat about it then, but it would be handy to hear from those involved in the meantime.
Cheers (and sorry)
Hello John,
I will not be at the club on 31st and have a game organised for the 14th of its April for me I am afraid.
cheers Kev.
Either date is good for me.

April for me as well as I am doing the same game as Kev on March 14th.
April 11th it is then. If anyone is in touch with Brendan can they let him know. I should see everyone else well before then.
Big Grin 
I'll let him know - his Normans should be thrashing me at Sage sometime soon.
Brendan here (can't seem to log in under my proper name - anything I need to know?).

John - I'm aware of the situation, and 11th April is fine for me, too.
Hi John

I have just found out I can make the club on 11 April, first time for about 3 months. Kev told me about the FOGR ECW game, I have played it several times and would love to take part if there are still any spaces?

Hi Dave,
I might be able to fit you in depending on who is available on the day. If not I am planning to run the game again later in the year or perhaps do Marston Moor.
If you are attending on Saturday ask me about it.
Hi John,

Can you confirm this is what you need to fill out the troop requirements for Edgehill please?

5 cavalry units (but not sure which side)
5 dragoon units ( how big and which side)
23 infantry units ( again not sure which side)
1 mounted general

I can do a big chunk of these, once I know which side, but not all and obviously everyone else will have plenty to fill the gaps.

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