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I am selling my collection of 28mm Vikings/Dark Ages figures. This was originally a pure Viking army but I have added to it over time and so it could be used for Norse Irish or Scots Isles as well.
Various makes of figures mostly painted to a good war-games standard, but some are professionally painted.
Army consists of:-
2 mounted figures
361 foot (includes a proportionate mix of huscarls, bondi spear, bondi bow, skirmish bow, skirmish sling, berserkers)
2 priests
11 dead
The foot includes command figures, standard bearers and even some pillagers.
There are also 30 Irish light foot (which are Old Glory)
BY MY MATHS THIS MAKES OVER 400 FIGURES. There're a few broken swords but easily replaced.
Also included free of charge is a model bridge, which is supposed to represent Stamford Bridge (no not where Chelsea play, the one near York)

I would like £200 for them, but willing to split in a sensible fashion or haggle over price.

Let me know if you are interested and I will bring them to the club.

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