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ECW campaign
Hi John

The ECW campaign is a great idea.

A version of an ECW campaign was done during the period when the Society was a single entity. I am guessing it was around 1969. At that time, the English Civil War gained a sudden surge of popularity. This was possibly because previously the America Civil War was omnipresent at any club or convention and I think there was a sense of redressing the balance in a patriotic manner by featuring the English Civil War. It was around about that time the Sealed Knot re-enactment society was founded.

The idea for the campaign was initiated by Don Featherstone and his irrepressible enthusiasm carried along the members like a wave frothing ashore. I believe he conceived it as a means of providing a focus for the members: a common interest for everyone that provided us with a chance to participate together.

The idea of the campaign was very popular among members. Especially with Neville Dickinson who had, quite coincidentally, just introduced a range of figures for the period. The figures were 25mm of course. The 15mm scale was not to be invented until another 5 years or so in 1974. Members were invited to raise two regiments each, 1 cavalry and 1 of foot. The games were in the evenings at the Temperance Institute, our first “clubhouse”.

Members would turn up on the evening and line up on either side according to their personal allegiance. Don would then read out the battle scenario to be enacted as described by a person who communicated with Don by letter through the post. Yes, the post! No email - computers back then filled an entire air conditioned clean room. I can still visualise everyone in rapped attention as Don stood forth and read the letter aloud. Rather unfortunately, what the author of the letter conceived was often at odds with what we could replicate on the table. After some improvisation and conferring, battle commenced. In retrospect it was probably quite a primitive formula. That didn't matter, it was simply great fun. My memory is a bit hazy after that, although I do believe that I wrote a set of rules used for the battles. I think it was typed on foolscap paper, which would have made it a right “challenge” to reproduce.

It is likely that I will be out of the country when this next campaign is raging. I hope everyone who does take part gets as much fun from the experience as the pioneers who took part in the earlier version of a Civil War campaign.

Good gaming to everyone who gets involved.

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