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Hello World
Hi All,

I came down to the club witha friend on saterday, and the 2 of us ganged up on Brendan (Cornish ECW vs New Model - FoGR).

I am hoping to be able to come along more often, real life permitting.

As an intro, I have been wargaming since the early 70's, and over the years have had a bash at a wide variety of periods.

Currently I have armies for FoG A (15mm Carthaginian, Numidian, Mid Imperial Roman, Gauls, Palmyran - all collected for DBM but I much prefer FoG - still painting the extras to form units, but can manage 800 points (not the Numidians - only play then at 600) and 28mm Lancastrian, FogR (15mm Maximilian, Ottoman, Imperial 30YW/Royalist plus 28mm Imperial 30YW), and Fire and Sword (Ottoman and painting HRE). I also have a Saga Viking and Norman force.

Lastly I have a number of planes for WWI Wings of Glory, and some Star Wars X-Wing ships (not played yet, but have the new core set, plus some extra Imperial ships in the post). I am really keen to see/play the X-Wing game as I have yet to use the ships, and hope to have sufficient to field 100points plus within the next couple of weeks (First Order/Imperial of course - who wants to be a namby pamby goody two-shoes!)

I am happy to play any of that lot singles or doubles, or join in any other games.



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