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Airbrush fun
So I've had an airbrush skulking around for..... Well a few years now......
And I keep looking at it and thinking that I really should be using it. The problem is that the airbrush that I was given with the compressor isn't the easiest thing in the world to work out - instructions are in Japanese which I'm not exactly fluent in to be honest.

So the other day I spotted the humbrol airbrush -looks simple to use and it's got a nice big pot hanging off of it so I thought it would be worth a punt just to have a go since it gives a nice wide angle. I could use the more complicated on later once I've wrecked the cheap humbrol one working out how to do it.

Only the humbrol airbrush does not have fittings compatible with my compressor...... There are fittings for both spray can type and for attaching to a compressor. The problem I have is that there are no technical specs on the packaging for the humbrol air brush so I have no clue what size adaptor I need to get. Looking on t'intarwebnet all I can see are imperial measurements which I am rubbish with (being a young whippersnapper) the hose that usually goes on the compressor measures 10mm across (measured across the threaded end that's screws on to the compressor). I tried using an online converter which gave me 25/64 which means absolutely nothing to me. All the parts I see online state 1/4" or 1/8". Again this means nothing to me although I'm happy to guess that's a quarter of an inch and an eighth of an inch.

Anyone got any ideas?

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