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Battletech Game Yesterday (23 MARCH 19)

Thanks for letting Bradley jump in on the BT game yesterday.  He had a cracking time, thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have now lost all my unpainted plastic 'mechs from the last starter box to him, plus, because I had the nerve to paint up the Atlas and Battlemaster for a Horizon Wars game, I've had to buy replacements for him from RPE...

He's now pouring over and eyeing up my shelf full of primer paint deciding on a colour scheme for his 'mechs!  Salute 2019 is going to be expensive I think!!  Wink

Dave W
Glad he enjoyed it.

It was good to play BT again. If you need sheets, Mark still has heavy metal pro so just ask
Thanks mate. I have a load of pdfs with sheets in, but as with all BT it depends on what era/century you play in these days so HMP is a bonus!
Hi Dave,
            Glad he enjoyed it, first game didn't quite go to plan but second coliseum game was fun, will need to craft some walls for the map so we can have the walls looking more futuristic arena than farmyard.

The good news is as most of us have a command that covers all the houses and a few clanners knocking about it doesn't matter which house he would like to play... also we have a few mercs as well.



P.S. if looking to replace mechs places other than ebay we've been looking at are Ral Partha Europe (UK), Iron wind miniatures (USA), Warhansa (Russia) and Stratominis (Poland)

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