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Airbrush fun
So I've had an airbrush skulking around for..... Well a few years now......
And I keep looking at it and thinking that I really should be using it. The problem is that the airbrush that I was given with the compressor isn't the easiest thing in the world to work out - instructions are in Japanese which I'm not exactly fluent in to be honest.

So the other day I spotted the humbrol airbrush -looks simple to use and it's got a nice big pot hanging off of it so I thought it would be worth a punt just to have a go since it gives a nice wide angle. I could use the more complicated on later once I've wrecked the cheap humbrol one working out how to do it.

Only the humbrol airbrush does not have fittings compatible with my compressor...... There are fittings for both spray can type and for attaching to a compressor. The problem I have is that there are no technical specs on the packaging for the humbrol air brush so I have no clue what size adaptor I need to get. Looking on t'intarwebnet all I can see are imperial measurements which I am rubbish with (being a young whippersnapper) the hose that usually goes on the compressor measures 10mm across (measured across the threaded end that's screws on to the compressor). I tried using an online converter which gave me 25/64 which means absolutely nothing to me. All the parts I see online state 1/4" or 1/8". Again this means nothing to me although I'm happy to guess that's a quarter of an inch and an eighth of an inch.

Anyone got any ideas?
1/4" is 6.3mm which is a pretty standard fitting.

What's the model number of the humbrol so I can look it up?
(06-07-2015, 06:20 PM)Phil Yates Wrote:  1/4" is 6.3mm which is a pretty standard fitting.

What's the model number of the humbrol so I can look it up?

Ag5107 all purpose airbrush
In my experience all airbrushed use the same standard connections, apart from badger who use a much smaller one. It may be that hunbrol brushes are made by badger or rebranded. If so I have hoses and adapters for the smaller fittings that you are welcome to because I no longer have a badger brush.
Sorry Darren my google-fu has failed me.

However I also have some hoses and connectors you can try.

I'll try and remember to bring them on the 20th
Thank you, I'm currently on standby to go to Morocco for 3 weeks so I'll let you know if I can make the next club
So I finally got around to having a proper go with the airbrush.
Having got over the initial problems of working out what ratio of paint to thinner I need, I cracked on with painting up some 1/300 sci fi tanks for a game we are doing later in the year.

Base coat black was with some Army Painter Matt black spray paint - good finish
Base colour for the scheme I was doing went on a little thin but a second coat sorted that out and i was very pleased with the results.

And then it all went wrong. I wanted a fairly high contrast, angular camo finish so I used some Tamiya modellers masking tape on the models so I could get some straight lines. It went on fine, I sprayed on the second camo colour and achieved a nice finish. Took off the masking tape and as it came off it took the first colour and base coat with it.

So now I have tanks with lovely angular patches, the base colour areas are a mix of base colour and silver.


Suggestions welcomed

Welcome to the world of airbrushing. I can only pass on what I have learned and I have had the exact same problem.

Make sure you give the models a good scrub in some mild detergent to remove the mould release.

Give the primer and base coat some time to really cure I'd say at least a day.

De tack the tape a bit by sticking it to your trousers ( or any piece of clothing you prefer Wink )

If you can avoid using tape all the better, thick paper or thin card is a great mask and won't pull the paint off.

You tube is your friend.

Hope that helps

Hadn't thought of de-tacking the tape, thanks Phil.
Tbh, from talking to Lawrence today I probably fund give the paint time to go off properly.

I'm stripping the models and starting again

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