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A Big Hi from Wales
Hi Guys

Mark B - Penarth & District.
I was talking to Smithy when he came over to our weekend game yesterday.
He was talking about your forum & we should join.
So a big Hi from Swansea.

Currently working on
Painting, A 40mm AWI Hessian brigade.
Planning, A 1/700 navel game based around the US air attacks on the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi during Midway 1942. For next year.

Hope to catch up with you all soon at Bovy

Hiya Mate,
Kev Here. Pleased you took up the invite. All the info ,and some nice piccies of the battlemats are in the Hobby and Painting section. Have a look at that first , once done you can ask Phil direct what is available. Have a good time in Belgium , there again of that I have no doubt. Good to see you all over the weekend , enjoyed every minute.
cheers Kev.
Hi Mark (Jack),

Welcome to our forums, I have upgraded your permissions so you should be able to post in other threads.

Cheers Guys see you all soon

Mark B
Hi Mark,

As the author of most of the Osprey Campaign books on the AWI and a contributor to the scenario books for the British Grenadier rules, I'm always interested in anyone with an AWI project on the go and I'd like to see pictures and hear more about it. We're either 15mm and 28mm for the AWI here at WWS, so 40mm would be a nice alternative. Post here, or PM me if you like - always available for information and research if people need it.

Brendan Morrissey

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