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Beachead 2020 - Lawnranger - 08-07-2019

Hi Lads
Beachhead is a vibrant and growing tabletop games event and will be held at the Bournemouth International Centre on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February 2020.

Looks like its over 2 days next year. If any members would like to put on a game over the 2 days Please give me or any committee member a shout ,and i will book the game in.
If we can put on 2 game next year that would be Great but its up you,

Happy gaming dave.v

RE: Beachead 2020 - duns.scotus - 08-07-2019

after speaking to Peter at Entoyment about this a few weeks ago at Tankfest he advised me that the 2nd day was going to be competitions only. This may have changed but I would suggest that you seek clarification from him about this.