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mark 27th - Bob P - 07-24-2019

only have enough troops for a one on one game so how about bringing your later crusaders against my Arabs and we can double up if we get more players

RE: mark 27th - Mark Callow - 07-24-2019

Will do Bob

is it 4 x 3Kn
1 x 3 Cv
3 x 4Cb
2 x 4Sp
2 x 2Ps?

RE: mark 27th - Bob P - 07-25-2019

where did that list come from the 3-0 list is a bit different so bring all your boys and we can sort it on the day

RE: mark 27th - Mark Callow - 07-25-2019

Looked it up on DBA online website

My generals are on 40 by 40 bases, is that OK?