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Hello - Jeffers - 06-17-2019

Just a note to say hello. I've been looking for a club that meets to suit my working patterns for a while and yours looks about right! I live about an hour away, but for a longer gaming period it will be worth the travel. I'm in to a variety of things but am trying to limit myself to Napoleonic, ACW, Cold War, Ww2 Desert and 1866. Actually, that's probably too much... I like simple old school rules because I'm old and simple, but I'm willing to put on games and tend to supply both sides (the perils of being moved around). Do you have space for an occasional long-distance traveller?

RE: Hello - Smithy1854 - 06-17-2019

Hello Jeffers,
The statement old and simple covers most of us as well I believe, thanks for the mail. Please do come along to the club I am sure we will have something to interest you.
Cheers Kev

RE: Hello - Law - 06-18-2019

Welcome jeffers

All periods that see lots of play at the club. Hope to see you soon


RE: Hello - Jeffers - 06-18-2019

Cheers, chaps. Hope to make the trip down soon. Probably not the 13th, though - I suspect I'll be at Bovington!

RE: Hello - duns.scotus - 06-18-2019

What's this about old and simple! I may be simple but I am not old. OK I may have lied about the "not being old".

RE: Hello - Jeffers - 07-22-2019

Looks like I can make 10 August. I’m happy to bring a few bits and bobs down with me and put on a game. Will probably be a quick intro before my impending knee replacement curtails travel for a bit!