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Hello - GM0139 - 05-14-2019

Hi All,

I live in the Waterside area so your club is local but but your meetings have always been on the weekend that I work. From June this will no longer be the case.

I have always had an interest miniature wargaming but mostly sci-fi, grew up with 40K although more recently I have played a little AoS. I am really looking to get into Infinity or perhaps the Batman Miniatures Game.

I haven’t gamed regularly for many years and my painting standard is best described as tabletop, but thought I would reach out to see what systems and how regularly you play them!

RE: Hello - Smithy1854 - 05-14-2019

Hello mate, thanks for your mail. Best thing to do is to come along to the club and see what we have on offer, please do it would be good to see you.
Cheers Kev

RE: Hello - Law - 05-14-2019

Welcome GM0139

I can think of 3 members that play Infinity (Phil Y, Karl and Mark R), but not sure about AoS.

Look forward to seeing you down the club

Lawrence (Secretary)

RE: Hello - duns.scotus - 05-14-2019

Don't worry GM0139, we will convert you into a historical gamer and you can convert us into sci-fi gamers. There are always plenty of different games going on at the club and there are quite a few of us that are also Watersiders.

RE: Hello - GM0139 - 05-15-2019

Thanks for the replies everybody, I will pop along to the first club meet that I can make. Look forward to seeing what you guys are up to!