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Free War-games Board - duns.scotus - 05-13-2019

Hi all,
I have in my possession a number of war-games boards free to whoever wants them. They are mdf (I believe) and have been finished with a textured green surface and have some roads on them. They slot together to make over 9' x 6' and can be juggled around. They are all 30" wide.
The lengths vary. There are 4 of 30x6, 4 of 30x12, 1 of 30x18, 5 of 30x24 and 3 of 30x30.

They are completely free. I am bringing them to the club on Saturday 18th May where they will be on show. If they are not taken by someone or by the club then they will, sadly, be going in the skip. So even if you don't want them if you think someone else might please let them know. If anyone wants to bag them sooner please reply here.



RE: Free War-games Board - Major Steve - 05-28-2019

Do you still have said boards?, Ive been on Holiday.

RE: Free War-games Board - duns.scotus - 05-29-2019

Sorry no I don't.