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March 23rd - Mark Callow - 02-24-2019

Hi all

Nothing organised for this day so far so looking for a game

FOG Ancients would be preferred but can do other stuff

RE: March 23rd - duns.scotus - 02-25-2019

Sorry Mark. Won't be at the club on 23rd.

RE: March 23rd - Odysseus - 03-20-2019

I have penciled in a visit for the next meeting.
Like yourself FoG ancients would be just dandy for me.
Do you have a preferred era?

Hope we can meet up next Saturday.

Best regards

RE: March 23rd - Mark Callow - 03-20-2019

Hi Steve

I have been booked up now for the 23rd, doing a 10mm WW2 game now

Did not think I had any takers so I accepted an offer last week. Hope we can organise a game in the future

RE: March 23rd - Dave Ed - 03-21-2019

Fancy a bash against my Carthaginians or Ottomans?

RE: March 23rd - Mark Callow - 03-21-2019

Hi Dave

As per my update from yesterday I have a game arranged now

Thanks for offer mind

For future reference, what time period do your Ottomans cover?

RE: March 23rd - Odysseus - 03-21-2019

Dear Mark

No worries about the game.
I will check up the posts earlier in the future, my attendance is erratic.

Have a good game of the WW II variety. I recall you did an ambitious Para based game last year.


RE: March 23rd - Dave Ed - 03-21-2019

Re Ottomans 1299-1698!

RE: March 23rd - Mark Callow - 03-21-2019

Cheers Dave, will sort a game out at some point