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Last meeting before Xmas - Darren B - 09-20-2018

As usual, the intention is to put on an X-Wing game and just have a bit of fun before Christmas comes along to wreck diets and waistlines.

This year, it’s going to be a slight change. Aliendave has an X-Wing mod that allows you to play through the Death Star trench run scenario.
So plenty of X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings and TIE fighters required.

Make your choice, defend the proper, right thinking Empire or turn traitor and be an evil Rebel.

RE: Last meeting before Xmas - Law - 09-20-2018

Down with the empire

RE: Last meeting before Xmas - Alien Dave - 09-20-2018

Quiet in the cheap seats, Rebel scum!

Attached is the scenario Darren is referring to.  We can run set squads or a 'run wot you brung' affair - either option is catered for in the scenario setup.

I have some A4 'not Death star' sheets to make up the playing surface, plus some 2D turret markers.  May look into getting something a bit more 3D in time for this!


RE: Last meeting before Xmas - Darren B - 12-04-2018

This game will now be gaslands. I haven’t had time to sort out the Trench Run stuff