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hi folks - Grizzly - 03-14-2018

hi folks Grizzly here its about time i found you ive been searching many a year for a new club to pester i mean join lol hope to see you all soon im interested in any ww games and role playing games but nothing to kinky lol are there many of you playing flames of war as i would like to learn how to play if anyone could help me please thanks for any help

RE: hi folks - Law - 03-15-2018

Welcome Grizzly

There is a mid-week virtual group just going to start role playing nad there are lots of people playing WW1 & WW2 land sea or aerial games. We are playing X-wing next meeting and you are welcome to join in


Lawrence (law) Secretary

RE: hi folks - Seddon - 06-11-2018

Hi Lawrence, when's the next meeting and what are you playing? I hope newbies are welcome to your sessions.

RE: hi folks - Law - 06-12-2018

Hi Seddon - the next meeting is this Saturday 1-6PM. I'm trying out a new set of rules for Franco Prussian war and the members I usually play with are playing B5 - so either game you will be welcome to join.

RE: hi folks - Law - 06-13-2018

I will be bring my Babylon 5 ships so there will be Earth Force ships available to play with.

RE: hi folks - Law - 06-19-2018

Hi guys

Sorry that you weren't able to make the club as you missed 2 excellant games.


RE: hi folks - Grizzly - 09-01-2018

im am deffo at the next meeting 8th sept

RE: hi folks - Mbaverstock - 09-01-2018

Hi Laurence
Is there any chance I could join in with your Franco-Prussian War bash please? If not, no worries. I also wargame this period using They Died For Glory rules. Cheers.

RE: hi folks - Law - 09-03-2018

Sorry for the delay in responding. Unfortunately, we played Franco-Prussian at last club meeting and I'm not planning on playing again until Nov/Dec

RE: hi folks - Law - 09-04-2018

Hi Grizzly - I will be at the Club on Saturday if you want to join in a game