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Free on 9th - duns.scotus - 09-04-2017

Hi all, after my summer sojourn I am back to pushing the lead. Up for a game of something with someone. Happy to do FOG A or R, FnF, something naval or whatever. Or snatch defeat from
Any takers?

RE: Free on 9th - MadMarkedMan - 09-04-2017

Hi John, I'm free for a FoGR practice. 800 pts v my Germans?

RE: Free on 9th - duns.scotus - 09-05-2017

Hi Mark,
I assume you are meaning Italian Wars era. In which case yes. As it is an all day meeting might get two games in. I will bring along Italian Wars French pre 1513 and another army to try (could be Late Henrician)

RE: Free on 9th - MadMarkedMan - 09-05-2017

Hi John, works for me.