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Impetus F - Law - 07-20-2017

A chance to see how Impetus rules for a fantasy game. Ian and Mike G have already signed up

RE: Impetus F - Lawnranger - 07-20-2017

You lads playing the weekend ? do you need any figs think i might have a few up in kevs attic ,will have to pop over for a look see Smile

RE: Impetus F - Law - 07-24-2017

Darren can't make the meeting so we have decided on 10mm Fire & Fury

RE: Impetus F - Lawnranger - 07-24-2017

ok mate.

RE: Impetus F - Law - 07-25-2017

Hope to have a reversal of fortune and win this time. Last meeting Adam gave me a damn good thrashing

RE: Impetus F - Law - 07-27-2017

Now added Adam to the Generals takinjg part